Violation Of Affirmative Action

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Between 1992 and 1997 a lot changed about Affirmative Action. All three branches of our Federal Government- Executive, Judicial, and Legislative have taken a part in bringing about equality for all. Although there were a lot of good arguments, as well as actions being put in place, the three branches used the “Civil Rights Act of 1997 (H.R. 1909)” / “The Equal Opportunity Repeal Act” to prove that it’s only right for all to be treated equal no matter their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or the lifestyle of each individual.

Affirmative Action has been for a number of years a hot-button topic for the nation as a whole and specifically the Legislature. The Government reviewed the race-conscious programs. There were limited debates …show more content…

Siskind the Judicial Branch are the actual main source in ending discrimination and promoting affirmative action. The courts find it a lot easier to issue gender classification rather than strict scrutiny. Strict Scrutiny is a Law which states that if any local Government, Federal, or State that is found in violation of Affirmative Action, will be held accountable. There have been multiple standards, and plans that have been granted to different groups. It involves treatment to those who are women, veterans, and the disabled. There is an equal protection clause in the Fourteenth Amendment which was specifically aimed at eliminating discrimination. Achieving racial balance in a government contracting is not ending general, societal discrimination. Several government officials have stated that diverse and representative student bodies sever a compelling interest. There is more than two dozen end-race or gender-based discrimination. In addition to the two dozen or more statues, states have the right to actually engage in Affirmative Action. If any type of Affirmative Action occurs within any type of local Government, Federal, or State will be subject to Strict …show more content…

No one really likes speaking out about it, but we are happy that all three Branches of our government have. The “Civil Rights Act Of 1997 (H.R. Of 1909)”/ “The Equal Opportunity Repeal Act” was initiated by Judicial Branch, The Executive Branch Attached Proposition 209 which was much supported by more than 68,000 voters, and also the Legislative Branch had many hearings on all different type of programs supporting the “Civil Rights Act Of 1997 (H.R. Of 1909)”. The Executive Branch made sure that the Proposition 209 was on the ballot for the 1997 voters to see. This amendment allowed voters to know that it was constitutional ruled but the Supreme Court. The Legislative Branch issued that there be different kind of programs for individuals that feels as if they have been discriminated against. Also the Judicial Branch made it clear that Gender and Sex Classification are two different things. Sex Classification is given at birth, Gender Classification is what you choose to do with your life once you have a clear understanding on

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