Violence And Violence In Townie By Andre Dubus III

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Townie, written by Andre Dubus III, is a memoir that portrays the detailed events, good or bad, of Andre Dubus III’s life as an adolescent until maturity. Dubus describes himself gaudily, explaining his battles as a boy growing up in the Boston area. Growing up without a cookie cutter father, Andre never had a strong and omniscient figure to help him throughout childhood. The only thing that became a common theme in his life was violence. Violence is present in his lifetime through many forms, starting as him getting beaten up by bullies and ending with him getting in fights as an adult with little to no motive. This continual violence brings out a fury and terror that Andre has to fight against his entire life. While he does eventually become content with his life without fighting, he initially has to fight through many obstructions to get to this point. These hindrances, though from an outsider’s perspective are tragic, shape him into the person he is today. The memoir begins its timeline in Andre’s adolescence. Going to school, he is petrified of violence and refuses to participate in any fights, despite them consuming his surrounding environment. It wasn’t abnormal for a fight to occur after school, and everyone in the area loved it. Throughout the multiple neighborhoods he lived in, and at schools he attended, there were always kids that kept their eye out for someone smaller than them to beat up and he was the perfect target. One of his very first encounters with

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