Violence Has Long Been A Way Of Life

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Violence has long been a way of life in the United States. Violence is how the West was won, some would say. Some believe there can be no peace without violence. When intimate partners are the ones being violent to an already concord and settled land the state of the nation suffers economic back lash from social planning prevention to the strain on the health care system and holds the victims to a lower standers with social stigma of helplessness. Intimate partner violence (IPV) is threatened or actual physical and/or sexual violence by a current or former spouse or partner. Typically thought of as violence from man to women. Not true. IPV also covers the abuse of a man by women and gay or lesbian relationships. Globally nearly one in three women who have ever been in a relationship have experienced IPV (Gilles, 2015). According to Gilberto Caberra, MD (2015), the frequency and severity of abuse tend to increase overtime. IPV involves patterns of intimidating behavior used to establish and maintain control over an intimate partner. Situations of IPV could involve physical or social isolation and denial of basic needs. IPV not only effects the abused but can also have an adverse effect on the family members and children who have witnessed the abuse. Lawrence and Taft list the effects of IPV as physical injury, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, unwanted pregnancy and a sexual transmitted disease and psychological effects of IVP include but not limited to, panic
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