Violence in Video Games Essay examples

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Violence in Video Games

My friend Aaron rocked me with an unsuspecting blow to the stomach. “Oww, what was that for?!?” I asked him in shock. “You stole my kill,” he responded. We were playing the very violent, very bloody, very popular shoot ‘em up video game, Halo for the XBOX. Aaron was always a nice, well-mannered, and generally friendly person, until we met in the video game arena. It was almost as if he was a completely changed person once the game was popped into the XBOX disk drive.

Psychological Science journal has concluded “that violent video games increase aggressive behavior in children and young adults.” The review goes on to say “Analyses also reveal that exposure to violent video games increases …show more content…

The bloodiness began with Moral Kombat, a second rate fighting game first introduced in the early 1990’s on the Sega Genesis was the catalyst for video game violence today. Blood is spewed on every punch, kick, and blow that is thrown in Mortal Kombat. The game doesn’t just consist of a horrendous amount of blood, but it also contains extremely horrifying finishing moves known as fatalities. These fatalities are especially sick and gruesome. After winning a fight with Kano, a character from the game, he would raise his hand and savagely pull out the heart of his defeated opponent, and as the other character slumped to the ground, Kano would raise the beating heart into the air as if it were a gold trophy.

I high-tail it in my sleek, stolen, sports car, as countless cops and FBI agents pursue me in a grueling high speed chase. It all started when I blew up a night club owned by a rival gang-member with 15 grenades, and 22 rounds from my sub-machine gun. After that I ran into a policeman near the scene, and emptied 29 rounds into his chest with my AK-47. I continue to rampage down the highway furiously looking for an escape route. Hopefully I’ll be able to get away so I can finish my mission towards beating the game. This describes one of many actual scenarios in the very violent Grand Theft Auto 3. Other missions include several contract killings, selling of drugs, bank robberies, various sniper

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