Violent Media Is Good For Kids By Gerald Jones

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In the article “Violent Media is Good for Kids” by Gerald Jones, provides an escape in which kids can rid themselves of their natural aggression from adolescence. According to Jones, children should have unlimited access to such unrestricted entertainment. He also claims undoubtedly that violent media impairs children, rather it helps them express their emotions in non-destructive ways. Violent media gives them this confidence that they can rule the world and without this media, they will grow up easily manipulated, too passive aggressive, and too distrustful of themselves. This paper pursues to give an in-depth analysis of Gerald’s Jones’ allegations, eliciting the truthfulness, or otherwise, of his argument. Jones provides arguments in his article to support his thesis, such as a superhero role-model can give kids power and make them feel fearless. Children need a way to vent their emotions and by allowing them to do so can help them connect with other children. All kids feel rage, so if they let it out in a safe way they can exploit it to combat challenges in life. Jones uses his own personal experience, idolizing violent media. According to Jones, his life as a child was a nightmare, a lonely boy leading a fearful life. He had little to no social interaction with kids at school or that lived in his neighborhood. His parents were so opposed to the violent world they put up this wall between Jones and the society. Jones got the opportunity to captivate himself with

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