Violent Video Games Essay

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Based the amount the substantial it can be determined that violent video games have little to no correlation violence in real circumstances. Video games are just fantasy which absolutely cannot result with children specifically teenagers age 12-17 becoming violent. There is way too little evidence to back this claim that violence is based on video games, who’s not to say their violent breakouts were based on how they were raised not based on a time-consuming form of entertainment. Why can’t they correlate with Television, on television, there are a multitude of horror movies, usually resulting with someone being brutally murdered. If they want to make video games more friendly this would result in the game possibly dying and no one wanting to play it anymore, video games can be linked with stress alleviation not triggering people, and if they want to ban video games, then they should ban violent movies or T.V. shows.

There is absolutely no interrelationship between video games and acts of violence, and the people stating there is, is simply ludicrous. There have been a multitude of studies and behavior specialists which completely prove the fact there is no correlation between violence and gaming, for example Dr. Marie Sharma a child behavior specialist which is a person who typically works with children and their families to provide intervention and behavior modification counseling for a variety of issues such as aggressive behavior, disruptive classroom actions,

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