Violent Video Games Essay

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In this day and age videogames are increasingly popular. Some of these games include “Grand Theft Auto,” “Mortal Kombat,” and “Call of Duty,” etc. Not only are these games popular though, they are also exceedingly violent. In New York, the game “Killer” has become a very popular end-of-the-year ritual in high schools. It is not a video game, rather a violent role-playing game. This game can last anywhere from from 1-2.5 weeks. It is a game that involves water guns, where kids make teams (mostly seniors), create strategies, and lurk around, camping out all night in vans waiting to ambush people, and the ultimate goal; killing your opponents, meaning they shoot them with the water guns. Video and role-playing games like these can be very fun, but they also pose a bigger problem. Violent role-playing and video games are perilous because kids could get hurt, bring the violence into their real life, or they could get in trouble. One reason violent games are perilous is because while playing them, kids could get injured or hurt. For example, in “High-Jinks: Shoot-Out” by Guy Martin it talks about how some of the teams camp out all night in vans borrowed from their parents, sleeping on futons. This could be perilous because, for a bunch of kids to be in only a car all through the night makes them vulnerable to where they could get robbed or kidnapped. Also by doing so some kids could get sick from sleeping in a car with multiple people. Also, while sneaking around all night and
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