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Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf was a very powerful and imaginative writer. In a "Room of Ones Own" she takes her motivational views about women and fiction and weaves them into a story. Her story is set in a imaginary place where here audience can feel comfortable and open their minds to what she is saying. In this imaginary setting with imaginary people Woolf can live out and see the problems women faced in writing. Woolf also goes farther by breaking many of the rules of writing in her essay. She may do this to show that the standards can be broken, and to encourage more women to write. An example of this is in the very first line when Woolf writes, "But, you may say, we asked you to speak about women and fiction—what …show more content…

Woolf starts her story off on a river bank on a beautiful day, although she is probably in a room somewhere typing it. I think Woolf does this because most everyone can relate to this as being a good place to sit down and think. When Woolf says, "Call me Mary Beton, Mary Seton, Mary Carmichael, or by any other name you please (720)," she was trying to make the story relate any woman in the audience no matter who they were. Woolf has created a world where people can be comfortable and open minded about her sensitive subject. She could not get on stage and rage about how woman have been held back by men. Woolf would have scared all her listeners away with her radical view. By creating a place where her audience can have the problems she is talking about Woolf lets the audience formulate their own opinions.

	Now that Woolf has got her audience in a comfortable state of mind she can begin to talk about the real problems of woman writers. Woolf believes the real problem is the lack of money women have. First she addresses the fact that women must raise the children and tells us to consider the facts, "First there is nine months before the baby is born. Then the baby is born. Then there are three of four months spent in feeding the baby. After the baby is

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