Virtual Field Trip to Mono Lake

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Virtual Field Trip to Mono Lake It is one of the strangest lakes in all of the United States. Other than the great Salt Lake itself in Utah, Mono Lake in Northern California is one of the biggest and saltiest lakes in the entire country. The lake itself can be seen from space, and presents its own very unique biological habitat for creatures that live in some of the harshest conditions. No matter the fact that the water is undrinkable, the lake is n astonishing place in terms of both the wildlife that thrives there and the geographic features that define it. Today, the lake and its surrounding terrain are a very interesting site to behold. It is, in fact, the largest lake that is completely inside the state of California at over 70 square miles in size (Foss 1). It is also one of the oldest lakes and ecosystems here in the United States. The lake itself is now almost completely uninhabitable by most marine life, as the salt levels in the water are far too high to be able to sustain fish populations. Still. There is an abundance of aquatic life, even though the salts levels are too high to sustain the normal fish populations that are found in other surrounding lakes in the Eastern Sierra Mountain ranges near by. The lake is now a prime breeding ground for a very small number of species. Brine shrimp and the brine flies that feed off their larva are the dominant groups in the salty lake. Today, "Mono lake is actually one of the most productive ecosystems on the

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