Virtual Team And Its Advantages And Disadvantages

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Virtual Team and Its Advantages and Disadvantages During the last decade, organizations have been working more with technology making it their master. Technology is not only about new equipment; it is mostly about new ideas and techniques used. Virtual team is a new approach used today. Virtual groups or teams have been used from parent to keep contact with teacher to corporations to create new international business relationships. How far can virtual team be more efficient than face to face relationships? Society incorporates this method to different activities not only at work, so virtual team seems more beneficial these days. If we are going to incorporate virtual teams to our system, we have to know its advantages and disadvantages, and how it can affect our organization. Virtual team is a technique used across the world as a communication tool. Virtual team is known as a remote team, geographically dispersed team or distributed teams. A group works together across the space, time and boundaries connected by internet. The internet is fundamental without this technology tool a virtual team doesn’t exist. Each group member must have the skills to be efficient working with internet and specific software to be connected and work for a common purpose. Virtual team can be the appropriate option to practice with a group with geographical differences. Location is a significant obstacle that it is nor more impossible with remote teams, also it is less expensive than other
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