Vision Statement Of Amazon

Decent Essays or commonly known as Amazon was a company which firstly sold only books on the Internet (known as an online bookstore), but Jeff Bezos, the founder of this company, had a vision in making Amazon be “An everything store”. Now, Amazon sells everything such as CDs, hardware, software, clothes, toys, numerous tools and much more. Amazon shows its slogan as “Our vision is to be the world’s most consumer-centric company, where customers can come to find anything they want to buy online” (Straus, 2017). Jeff Bezos (the founder of
Jeff Bezos raised $1 million from his relatives and friends to start his business by rented a house in Seattle and set up the business in his garage. The first month after this business started in
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First, regret nothing, there’s nothing to be regret in his life. He started a new web-based company when the internet’s future was a huge risk. He said that he would regret it if he didn’t do it. This means if we want to do something, we must do it, so even though it is failed we won’t regret it because it was our decision.
Second, play the long game, Jeff Bezos was telling the truth to his investors that the company was not having a profit for a year, and then he gave a chance to his investors to hand off from this company before it collapsed. He also showed that this was his strategy. This means that on the way to do something it’s not always easy so we need to play a long game to succeed in the future, even though it’s failed we still happy because we try our best to do what we want.
Third, start narrow then diversify. First only sold the books but soon, it sold various things and now it’s involve in the production of media game as what he has told, he must make Amazon become “An everything store”. This means we need to do things slowly, not rush because sometimes doing things rush will cause many
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