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Visit Amritsar – The City Of The Glorious Golden Temple
Amritsar, the holy city in Punjab is a place that almost immediately reminds us of the mesmerising Golden Temple. This shrine is the most holiest place of pilgrimage for Sikhs from all over the world. How lucky are the folks of Delhi that this stunning city is located just 8 hours from the city?!

This boisterous city is known for its outstanding cuisine, handicrafts and fabric production. Apart from the Golden Temple, the city is spread with many other places to visit, some religious and some historical, that will surely pique your interest. Read all about these places, along with stops you can make on the way to Amritsar.

Best Time To Visit Amritsar
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These months have relatively pleasant climate that will allow you to go for sightseeing hassle-free.

How To Reach Amritsar
Pic 2) PC: Raghavan Prabhu By Air: Amritsar is home to the Sri Guru Das Jee International Airport, which is well connected to many cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata as well as international places as well.

By Train: Numerous trains from Delhi connects to the Amritsar Railway Station on a regular basis. The station is well connected many other major cites like Ahmedabad, Agra, etc.

By Road: State government run buses as well as private buses are available in plenty to places like Delhi, Shimla, Dehradun etc.

Route From Delhi To
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Gobindgarh Fort
Pic 9) PC: Gobindgarhfort,_Amritsar.jpg Gobindgarh Fort is a regal structure that was built by Gujjar Singh Bhangi in the 18th century. Initially the fort was under the control of the Army but since 10th February 2017, the fort has been open for the public.

Punjab's glorious history is being retold in the form of a 15-minutes 7D show that portrays the life of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in this fort. It is shown in the fort throughout the day.

Wagah Border
Pic 10) PC: Guilhem Vellut Wagah is a village in Pakistan and the Wagah border is a road that separates India and Pakistan. It has gained significant tourist interest in the past years due to the Wagah Border ceremony that takes place here every evening.

Two hours before the sun sets, a beating retreat ceremony happens at the border that is undertaken by the Indian Border Security Force along with Pakistan Rangers. The place sees almost 5000 people
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