Vladek's Quirks and Habits

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Valerie Alvarado
Instructor: Darci Cather
English 1302-SP2
Vladek’s Reaction to the Holocaust The Holocaust was a traumatizing and depressing time period in history due to the Nazis in the leadership of their dictator Adolf Hitler. The Nazis were a Political Party during World War ΙΙ from 1941 through 1945. Many Jews during this time were discriminated, murdered, and humiliated in front of many other Jews and Germans. “Six million Jews died in a merciless way at the hands of the Nazis” (Sherbok 1). The Holocaust is an unforgettable period in history that left a scar on many Jews including Vladek. Vladek was a Jew and a survivor of the Holocaust that experienced and witnessed several tragedies during this time. The war was
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I can pack the fruitcake in with the cereal for you to take home” (Spiegelman 78) this simply characterizes Vladek as being stingy by not wanting to waste or throw anything away. He wanted for Artie to take it home and prefer for it not go to waste because the Holocaust had traumatized and caused him to be more resourceful with food. He was not fed enough during his awful experiences in the Holocaust and Hitler “ever since Hitler I don’t like to throw out even a crumb” (Spiegelman 78) Vladek explained to Artie. Vladek then decided to go back to the grocery store and return the cereal box that had already been opened and partially eaten from he did not wanted to waste any food and especially throw it away so he thought that returning the cereal will be better than just throwing it away to waste. When he got to the grocery store he got to return the cereal box and got in return “six dollars worth of new groceries” (Spiegelman 90). The experiences that Vladek went through during Hitter’s invasion definitely affected him by changing his life style because as described before he went back to the grocery store to return something that had already been used and not throw it away this can be described as being resourceful.
Vladek was not only resourceful with his food but he was also very careful with his money. Artie would frequently go to his father’s
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