Vocal Loudness

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This article, A case study on vocal loudness with a young adult with autism spectrum disorder and developmental delay, the authors Pack, Bernhardt, Radanov, and Marinova-Todd dive into a short term case study in which ten to twelve adults with a significant history of developmental delay go through nine, thirty-minute treatment sessions in total which the volume of their voice is recorded in comparison to both non-speech and speech sounds as well as spontaneous or planned speech. The sessions use the Advancing Language and Literacy group, also known as ALL, in which the participants were provided with individual therapy to help moderate their vocal loudness. The purpose of this study was to focus attention on the intonation and enunciation of speech, specifically for those with developmental delays, as well as to allow for further research and studies in this field. The article then begins to elaborate on how the suprasegmental aspects of speech and the relativity with competence in social communication are a deficit for those on the spectrum. Discussing the importance of proper prosody and voice is addressed as a key component in reciprocated …show more content…

What was interesting about this article is that it is meant to set the stage for further research and studies. I enjoyed that aspect of the article because it gives the idea that there is still more to be learned about this subject that was not addressed in their information. I would recommend this article to anyone who finds interest in the connection of social awareness of those with ASD and the intonation of speech in general as it provided context to further research on the topic. By providing the connection between vocal loudness and social settings it presents valid reason to investigate the

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