Voronborn: A Short Story

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Gypo lead Voronborn to his house. "This is where you'll be staying so I can keep an eye on you." Gypo walked up the steps leading to his house. He knocked on the door and someone opened it. The Crondel behind the door had the same body shape, but just a little bit more feminine, and it's face looked soft and almost kind. When it spoke it had a voice that welcomed you, like a women's voice. It certainly sounded like a women, so it had to be. "Voronborn," Gypo said, "this is my wife, Jatskaun." Voronborn bowed his head in recognition. "It's very nice to meet you my lady." The women Crondel named Jatskaun welcomed them inside. Jatskaun led them into the living room of the house. Everything was adnormaly huge, so of course it would work with …show more content…

"Voronborn," Jatskaun started, "where did you come from?" "I came from the elvish kingdom of Tinglën. A four day journey from here," Voronborn answered. "Well, you are probably very tired and parch. Are you hungry?" she asked. Voronborn nodded his head in answer. Jatskaun got up and went into the kitchen. Voronborn turned to Gypo and said, "She's very nice. Your a lucky Crondel." Gypo smiled wide and said, "Yes I am. Jatskaun will take very good care of you while your here." "I appreciate it very much." Gypo smiled as Jatskaun walked into the room with a large tray. She sat down the tray on the table in front of them. On the tray was an assortment of food; oranges, grapes, bananas, apples, and a bunch of other fruits. The food was also, like everything else, abnormal to its original size. The oranges and apples were as big as both of Voronborn's fist together. The grapes were about the size of his thumb and the bananas about the size of his forearm. He picked up an apple and bit into it. It was perfectly juicy and delicious. He savored every bite, for he hasn't had anything to eat in less than two days. He then picked up a banana and started to eat that. After that was finished he was full. He leaned back in his chair and fell …show more content…

"Why? He told the king who he was and why he was here correct?" "Yes, but-" "But nothing. Why would the king not trust him?" She looked over at Voronborn. "He's peaceful, he's quiet, he should be trust worthy." Gypo looked at his wife, "You don't understand, he wants to torture him, get information, and then kill him." Jatskaun looks at Gypo with shock. "Why would the king want to do that? He hasn't done anything to anybody. He looks very young. How could he." "He might look young," Gypo reminded his wife, "but he is much older than you and me combined." Jatskaun looked over at Voronborn. "I just don't see how someone who looks so innocent can possibly be so violent that we have to kill," she said quietly. Gypo took his wife's hand and told her, "Elves aren't actually that violent. They are protective." "What do you mean?" she asked. "If their people are in trouble they will protect them until they die. Yes they are violent, but only if something, or someone, makes them be that way. They are actually really nice creatures; full of peace and knowledge of the past." His wife eyed him suspiciously. "Only a Crondel that has actually met an elf would say that? Is there something your not telling

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