Creative Writing: Sir Gawain

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Because, Gawain, let me tell you, I have no interest in sharing someone I care for with a bevy of ladies.”
“I haven’t looked at another woman since I met you. Not once. Ask anyone.”
“And if the old itch to gallivant returns?”
“My love for you has soothed the itch and it will never return.” He shifted in his seat. “What can I do to assure you?”
“Nothing.” Her blue eyes turned ice cold as they narrowed a fraction. “Which means I’m not sure about all this between us.”
Oh, no, he would not allow her to crash back into uncertainty. They’d come so far! “What if I swear on my honor as a knight? That is something I would never mess about with.”
He didn’t wait for her to answer. Gawain crossed the other side of the table and went to his knees before her. “On my honor as a Knight of Camelot, I swear I will be true to you and you alone, Drea, for as long as you’ll have me.”
Gawain kept a knife strapped to his ankle at all times, …show more content…

“I didn’t want you to do that.”
He closed his fist. “I suppose blood vows are empty without action. I will show you I’m to be trusted, if you allow it.”
“I…” Drea turned away and gazed into the hearth. “It’s late and we need to be well rested for the ride home tomorrow.”
She was not ready to talk about this, and Gawain refrained from pushing the matter. He wanted answers and commitments, but it was not fair to demand this of Drea if she needed more time.
“What if… What if you slept next to me? For a little while tonight?” asked Drea.
That request took Gawain by surprise. It sounded like an incredible fantasy and a disaster all wrapped up in one. How would he stop himself from touching her, from kissing her? He supposed if there ever was a time to prove his love and respect for Drea, now was the time. He would do nothing more than cradle her body and hold her close.
“All right.” Gawain glanced at Wallace. “We’ll rest together, but nothing more. And I’ll move back to my pallet before Wallace wakes.”
“I’d like that. To have you hold

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