Voting Is A Right That All Americans

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Voting is a right that all Americans have once hitting the age of 18 regardless of race, gender, or financial status. However, not everyone chooses to exercise these rights or even fully understands how to use them properly. Voting is not as simple as just going to a ballot box and checking the box for the person whom had the most signs and television commercials. Being a voter means that one has an influence over the government and who makes important decisions regarding the nation or state. However, if one does not know all of the details about who they are voting for, they could be voting blindly. It is important to do research and make factual decisions about who should be elected. If one is not fully informed, than the less suitable candidate could be elected into office due to a lack of information. All of the information necessary to make a strong decision is available, it just depends on whether or not Americans go through the effort to locate it and use it. Voting for the most desired and suitable candidate is important whether it is congressional district, senate, or presidency.
Texas District 12 Texas is a giant state with an equally big past. It began as an old western state before rapidly becoming one of the most populated states and housing major cities. Fort Worth is one of the biggest major cities in Texas, and is the 16th largest in the nation. Fort Worth is where congressional district 12 is located. The district contains about half of Fort Worth and is
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