Voyeurism In The Film : Rear Window Directed By Alfred Hitchcock

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Rear Window is a film about L.B. “Jeff” Jeffries directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Jeff is a photographer while on bed rest he takes an interest in his neighbor by peeping through his window, hence the name Rear Window. He begins to suspect Lars Thorwald, one of his neighbors, of murdering his wife and hiding her body. The film centers around this murder to explain the voyeurism and invasion of privacy Jeff and the audience is guilty of. It is clear the film focuses on romantic relationships and marriage in the eyes of Jeff as well. The neighbors all represent a stage in a romantic relationship through Jeff’s eyes and the audience also get to see the development of Jeff’s own relationship. It is safe to assume that this film is a love story and a suspenseful film.
An example of voyeurism is the first shot of the clip. In this clip the audience is introduced to Lisa. It starts off in a long shot of the apartment complexes and pans across the courtyard keeping it at a single shot until the camera focuses on Jeff who is asleep in his wheelchair. One can hear the bustling of the city and the busy apartment complex courtyard as the day turns to dusk. Hitchcock emphasizes the diegetic sounds of the scene which gives the audience Jeff’s perspective. The sounds heard are of what Jeff experiences, so when Lisa appears the sounds of the courtyard and the city gradually leads to silence which tells the audience that Jeff is focusing on Lisa. This sound technique supports the idea of

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