Vygotsky Scaffolding

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According to Vygotsky a factor that influences children cognitive development is their Zone of Proximal development. This development is what a learner can do with help, to the difference of what a learner can do without help. Vygotsky believed when children are directed by adults with learning things that they could not learn on their own this is most effective. The zone of proximal development, according to Vygotsky is when you are separating actual development from possible development, that they have inquired (Driscoll, 2005, P.255). This is important for the reason that interaction between a child and a peer is effective for their cognitive development. Another important factor that influences children cognitive development is the role of language. Vygotsky believed that children gain knowledge when children are exposed to engaging in social practices (Driscoll, 2005, P.259). When students exposed to engaging in social practices they are likely to participate in the class more. This factor is important because language allows children to begin to learn by themselves. …show more content…

A scaffolding strategy that can be used to help promote student learning is tapping into student’s past knowledge. Tapping into student’s past knowledge is beneficial because children are able to share what they know. When students share what they know it can help them connect the new topic into their knowledge. When students share their own knowledge it, helps them build connections. Students and even teachers can bring in new information about something that someone said. Sharing knowledge can be beneficial to students of all different

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