WWII Involved the Most Powerful Nations

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The Second World War (WW2) was a global war that involved most of the great powerful nations, which formed two military alliances the Allies and Axis. WW2 is regarded one of the most widespread wars that involved 100 million people and thirty countries and the worst form of human conflict in history. Contrary to the previous wars, WW2 involved the use of nuclear bombs and sophisticated weapons, which exposed soldiers at high risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). During WW2, the U.S army psychiatrists understood that involvement on warfare may have devastating consequences on the well-being of soldiers and they introduced screening programs and intervention strategies to detect and address psychological disorders associated with combat missions . Despite these measures, the U.S army psychiatrists were puzzled with high number of soldiers who suffered from PTSD during and after the ww2. More than one million soldiers were thoroughly screened during the ww2, but 50% of them developed and suffered from PTSD thus raising a health concern among the health professionals. The reason WW2 soldiers did suffer from PTSD was because of witnessing horrible things, combat trauma and events that had happened before the start if the war. First, the act of witnessing and participating in the warfare exposed WW2 soldiers to high risk of suffering from PTSD. The soldiers witnessed and experienced inhuman acts of torture, destruction of property, killing of civilians,

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