Waffles or Pancakes? Essay

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Although it is not a pressing issue, the dilemma concerning whether the waffle or the pancake is the superior breakfast food is one that has divided breakfast tables nationwide and sparked an age-old debate amongst breakfast eaters everywhere. I, being a regular at the breakfast table, am very opinionated on this topic, but when I am asked why the waffle is the superior breakfast food, I find myself talking in circles, claiming it to be the best “simply because it is”. This, of course, is nowhere near a good answer, so I decided to borrow a technique from utilitarianism called hedonistic calculus, which is used to solve ethical dilemmas. This technique involves assigning point values to every component and finding the “score” each …show more content…
Thus forth, the 2 points in this category will be awarded to the waffle.
Being the physics oriented person I am, I tend to think like an engineer, trying to figure out the best design for any product. The basis by which we will critique the functionality of the breakfast foods in question is the ability to hold syrup. When syrup is added into the equation, the waffle clearly comes out on top considering that the structure was designed with perfectly sized compartments to hold syrup. Pancakes, on the other hand, end up soaking up all the syrup causing it to lose its structure and further add to the mushy texture. Yet again, the waffle is found to be superior and will receive the 2 points.
The waffle, however, comes up short in the category of cost. While the make up of the two foods are essentially the same, the waffle requires special equipment to prepare. These waffle makers can cost anywhere from 15 to 100 dollars as opposed to the traditional skillet that can be found in most households. This financial ease that the pancake allows earns it the 2 points in this section.
Based on the results found by using hedonistic calculus, I have deduced that waffles are far preferable in my own opinion. The waffle, having received full points in the categories of taste, texture, and functionality, totaled to a score of 7. The pancake came up short, only receiving the points for the cost efficiency category, giving it a not so grand
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