Informative Speech : Benefits Of Eating Healthy

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Savana Rosenbusch
Public Speaking 170
October 6, 2015

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the benefits of eating healthy.

Central Idea: Eating healthy provides several benefits to our bodies such as preventing cancer and providing energy for our bodies to run at top notch.

1. When thinking about eating many people think about eating the most desirable food that comes to mind.
a. Maybe an apple pie, cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries, or a big juicy steak.
b. It is not often that people think about a nice piece of celery with peanut butter or a spinach salad with a fantasy food daydream.
c. People that do think about health foods in a food fantasy are often labeled as health junkies or nuts.
d. Junk food may provide that mouthwatering appeal, but health food is the way to go to prevent diseases such as cancer.

2. Chronic diseases are something that people should not take lightly.
a. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, eating disorders, obesity, asthma, types of Dementia, and arthritis are only a few types of chronic diseases.
b. They can be resolved and even treated with good healthy habits.
c. “As humans, we should already be eating foods that are similar to a person that has been prescribed a cancer diet” (Lee).
d. The foods that are mostly picked out to eat have characteristics of detoxifying the body from cells that have turned cancerous or cleaning the body from harmful chemicals used in chemotherapy.
3. Eating in…

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