Waiting Love Movie Analysis

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If you’re interested in a muscular Chinese guy roller skating around in a bikini, then I’ve got just the movie for you. Cafe. Waiting. Love. is a Chinese love story filled with humor and grilled sausage. While watching this movie, I noticed many trends common among similar stories, such as the girl who can see ghosts, the ghost who can’t pass on to heaven because he has a regret, and the boy who likes the girl. Although these clichés were not mentioned in Foster’s book, there were still many things I could deduce about the movie only after reading about Foster’s methods. Of Thomas C. Foster’s twenty-seven chapters, in his book, “How To Read Literature Like A Professor,” the chapters I found most applicable to my movie were chapters nine, eleven, and fifteen. Firstly, chapter nine of Foster’s book made one thing very clear: “It’s never just the rain.” (Foster, 70) Since rain can be “more mysterious, murkier, more isolating than most other weather conditions” (Foster, 71), the director uses the rain to add a bit of mystery to the mood of the joyful scene with this unnamed, mysterious boy whom the female protagonist (Xiying) is interested in (romantically). The rain also serves as a plot device and force pushing Xiying and the boy together, even though it’s clear that Xiying is going to end up with A-Tuo (the boy who likes her). The purpose of pushing Xiying and the mystery boy together is to create enough of a connection between them for Xiying to choose the boy over A-Tuo
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