Why Is Walmart A Necessary Evil

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Wal-Mart: A Necessary Evil?
It does not take a large amount of funding and private studies to see that Wal-Mart is a widely successful corporation that offers cheaper prices than their competitors. In Jack and Suzy Welch’s essay they argue that we should support businesses that help individuals, communities and whole economies prosper, they claim that, “Wal-Mart helps individuals, communities, and whole economies prosper” (161), so we should support Wal-Mart. On the other hand, Paul Krugman argues that we should not support businesses that pay badly and offer minimal benefits, he claims that Wal-Mart “pays badly and offers minimal benefits” (166), therefor we should not support Wal-Mart. I believe that Krugman wrote a more persuasive essay because unlike the Welch’s, he does not have a personal affiliation with Wal-Mart, however his argument is hardly persuasive because it focuses on probable scenarios that occur when a Wal-Mart is built but does not offer credible statistics to back it up. I believe that Wal-Mart’s business practices do not outweigh the cost to the American Workers because it undermines their abilities when they are receiving low wages, promoting them to use social assistance programs and forcing other companies to downsize.
In Jack and Suzy Welch’s essay they attempt to debunk common myths and assumptions about Wal-Mart because they believe that the company’s success has made it a “fat target for critics who, for reasons of their own, won’t concede how

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