Walgreens Boots Alliance : Strategic Intent Essay

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a. As I mentioned in question 2, Walgreens definitely has its strategic intent to stretch targets that go beyond corporate vision propelling the firm to win. For example, according to the combination between Walgreens and Boots Alliance. The company derives a new innovation, which is named Walgreens Boots Alliance. It is a significant achievement that associate with two prominent corporations with unique brands, sufficient geographic footprints, shared values and a sustainability of specialized health care services through community pharmacy care. Because of this cooperation, the company can create a new multinational leader in pharmacy-led health, as well as promoting global health and beauty brands. This movement accomplishes 1+1>2 method, which means when Walgreens and Boots Alliance establishing their mutual goals and sharing their strategies can create a higher value for both of them. Walgreens Boots Alliance will face the global market to provide many high quality health and wellbeing products, and will become the biggest purchaser of prescription drugs in the world. Walgreens also distributes the elite teams to evaluate the internal operation of Walgreens Boots Alliance. As Gary Hamel and Prahalad demonstrate in their article, says: “Growth depends more on the inventive capacity of individuals and small teams than on the ability of top management to aggregate the efforts of multiple teams toward an ambitious strategic intent.” These teams are also grouped for…
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