Walgreens: Company Analysis

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Abstract With the advent of information technology, the climate that a corporate company operates in has become extremely volatile over a period of time. The external factors that directly influence the way an organization and its functions operate are evolving regularly thus implicating on an organization's internal dynamics. As a result the organization is forced to become a part of an inevitable process of continuous evolution. In contemporary era, it is an established fact that a firm that fails to evolve to become 'strategically' in line with the climate in which it operates, is likely to become obsolete sooner or later. Introduction While it is true that change is unavoidable for any organization, on a parallel track the stakeholders of an organization, which remain the backbone and a decisive factor in an organization's success or failure. The stakeholders, primarily an organization's workforce and management, are the ones who have to deal with this evolution directly. A conflicting situation thus arises as human mind is relatively more inflexible and less adaptable to change. For this reason, management theorists lay immense emphasis on change management and how it should be made an integral part of an organization's corporate culture and strategic management. This paper evaluates issues pertaining to strategic management and implementation in Walgreens, one of the leading drug store and pharmacy based in United States of America. Company Overview and Problem

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