Walker Beauty When The Other Dancer Is The Self Analysis

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In “Beauty: When the other dancer is the self”, Walker asserts events that happened in her life and reflects her retrospect position that brought her to a sudden realization about how important she is in her life. This is different from an academic text because it is a narrative essay.That is put forth as a form of a story in a chronological order of real-life incidents. This walker’s piece is about significant points in her life where slight or major events, that lead to self-discovering changes took place. When she was two and a half years old the author states that she was the youngest of eight children , and she is from a family of low social status with her father occupation as a driver and a mother that suffers from an ear infection. She was very excited to drive in the car with her father everywhere. I feel like Walker was the purest soul and someone who appreciates little things as a child.
When she was eight years old and was going through a tomboy phase in her life she got into an accident where she lost sight from her right eye, because a bb gun accidentally hit her right eye by one of her big brothers. Then her parents took her to a doctor that got mad because they did not pay more attention to the risk of the situation at hand and made a comment saying, “Eyes are sympathetic, if one is blind, the other will likely become blind too” that hit Walker with fear of losing sight of her left eye too.
The more days pass on it became difficult for walker

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