Walking On Maple Ave: A Short Story

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One day, Mike was walking on Maple Ave. All of a sudden he felt twinge of pain. He had no idea what hit him. It was a fierce pain in the right leg. He looked all around but couldn’t see anyone or anything that could’ve done anything to him. All of a sudden, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a very apparent figure. It was a giant bird standing on the ledge of the street. “That is what hit me”, he thought. He decided to go home to tell his parents, but he couldn’t walk. He was frantic, and screaming, “Help, somebody help me, I can’t see anything but a jumble of black and yellow spots!”. A man heard him, and called the ambulance. He told the nurses “It looks as if someone has pulverized this boy”. The ambulance came rushing to him. They popped
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