Wall-E : Water Pollution

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In 2008, director Andrew Stanton and a team of producers that included scientists created the film Wall-E, a Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth class robot on planet Earth, which took us to seven hundred years after humans had polluted the environment. The people on Earth wind up living in space to escape the waste of planet. After seeing this movie over five times, and experiencing waterborne illnesses, Wall-E is adorable and emotional, but the story itself opens our eyes and forces us to become aware of water pollution in our environment. Water pollution is a threat to humans, ecosystems, and the environmental plants. Soon enough, our blue waters will be full of trash and waste. After Wall-E gives a plant to Eve in the movie, Eve shuts down with a flashing green leaf button on her stomach. Wall-E then takes Eve on a "date” while she is powered down in a boat sludging through the muddy water. The water was just mud and garbage; you were not able to see the actual water itself. Humans drink water, which comes from a deep well in the ground after it is drilled, making it consumable. According to the Hollywood Water Plant Treatment Center, “contaminated water causes diseases like Cholera, a diarrheal illness, Guinea Worm disease, Typhus, and Dysentery.” Representative Joe Barton of Texas stated that “exposure to pollution is not associated with premature death,” making respected health associations like the American Public Health Association immediately reject his hypothesis

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