Walt Disney Set the Stage for Great Film Making Essay examples

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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”, said by Walt Disney himself (“Walt Disney Quotes”). Disney had a big imagination followed with big goals. As always in the entertainment business, there are going to be people competing to tear each other down, but Walt Disney kept his focus and determination to take on great things. All it took was one person with a strong passion for entertainment to set the stage for filmmaking long after he was gone.
Walt Disney came from an Anglo-Irish family that immigrated to Canada just before the potato famine (“Walt Disney Interviewed by Fletcher Markle”). On December 5, 1901, Elias and Flora Disney welcomed their fourth son into their home in Chicago, Illinois. When Walter …show more content…

After his time in Europe, he started working at the Pressman-Rubin Studio in Kansas City as an artist (Schwartz).
While Disney was working in Kansas City he was co-workers with Ubbe Iwerks. A year after working at the studio, the two got laid off and moved onto bigger and better things. They created their own business called Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists. The company was not so successful and only last one month. The two friends stayed together as they passed through jobs. They worked at the Kansas City Film Ad Company drawing cartoons for movie theaters. Disney took a camera from the company to use for his “stop-action animation” with his original drawings. His continuous practice on his Laugh-O-Grams made them far more advanced than his studio work (Schwartz). Walt Disney made puppets of his characters for his films instead of drawing them so he could save time and make the process easier on himself and Iwerks (“Walt Disney Interviewed by Fletcher Markle”).
After his boss at the Kansas City Film Ad Company turned down his idea of cartoons, Disney reached out to Margaret J. Winkler, a cartoon distributor in New York, about his Laugh-O-Grams. Winkler gladly agreed and Disney signed a contract and moved to New York City. He named his business “Disney Bros. Studio”, but quickly changed to “Walt Disney Studio” after Alice in Cartoonland was shown in theaters. Disney realized he and Iwerks could not handle all the work on their own so

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