Walt Disney: The Pioneer Of America's World

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People tend to when hearing the word Disney, think of the famous theme park in California and Florida. Or the cartoons that we have grown up with and marveled at throughout the years. Disney, when herd, we think of it in the now. What about 96 years ago when theone man moved to California to pursue his dreams? We don't know about the rich history behind the Disney company and how it has an effect on all of our lives. So how did this one man's dream pioneer America's world of entertainment forever?
For us to have a better understanding on the subject we must begin with the man who started it all. Walter Elias Disney. Known to most as Walt Disney or to the people he worked with Uncle Walt. Born in Hermosa section of Chicago, Illinois, on December 5, 1901 to Elias and Flora Disney. They Disney family lived in Marceline, Missouri for most of Walt's childhood, where he first began showing an interest in drawing and painting. Walt went to McKinley High in Chicago for his high school career, where he took drawing and photography classes and was a cartoonist for the school newspaper. When he was 16 though he dropped out of high school tried to join the Army, but was rejected because …show more content…

The idea for this cartoon series was to follow a young girl named Alice and her many adventures around the cartoon world. Cartoonist at the time had attempted to put their cartoons on a live action background, but had very little success and it didn’t make their cartoons sell anymore than they already did. Walt Disney though who takes the idea one step further by having the cartoons revolve around a human actor, showed he did not only deserve his spot up there with the big animators but had the mindset to stay ahead of the game. He probably would have gotten a pretty good start with the Laugh-O-Gram studios if the company Walt had signed a contract with had not gone bankrupt. So Walt gave up on his Kansas City studio and set his sights towards

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