Walt Whitman I Hear America Singing

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People may dream of a perfect society where everyone is similar--a utopia. People might believe building a utopia is a grand idea because they won’t have to worry about being bullied or discriminated. There couldn’t be any flaws in building a utopia-- accept everything. Yeah, everyone would be similar, and people probably won’t be bullied or discriminated, but are the consequences of fixing those proroblems going to be worth it. Absolutely not, imagine if there was only one kind of culture/one kind of person, let's say everyone is German, that means when there is an opportunity to go out to eat there will be no Mexican, no Chinese, no Italian, etc. The same food will be eaten just like any other day. Plus, food wouldn’t be the only thing affected …show more content…

One of the first to express the strenghting power of diversity was Walt Whitman in his poem “I Hear America singing”. In his poem he writes, “I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear...The carpenter singing his… The mason singing his… The wood-cutter’s song... Each singing what belongs to him or her and to none else…” (Whitman). This shows how different kind of jobs -- or the people’s jobs-- have their own special song which creates the American song-- which is supposed to represent a song of diversity. The diffrent types of jobs can be related to current day American immigrants because people come from all over the world, bringing a variety of different beliefs, religions, cultures, styles, tastes and that “... is the amazing thing about the united states, a country full of immigrants, made up of immigrants can’t identify, can’t come up with a common identity based on a shared ethnicity or a shared culture, or even a common language-- no, what binds America together is that we share a common story…” (Aslan). The fact that America shares a common story means that we find “unity in diversity” (Aslan); therfore, people don’t need to share things like ethnicity, culture, or even a common language; they can become united based on the fact that they all share a common story of being diffrent. Whether diversity is showing how diversity makes things better by allowing people to have their own opinions that will build and it allows people to find unity in a common story. Proving that diversity is needed in order for society to grow-- well, at least in

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