Walter Elias Disney Was Known As A American Voice Actor,

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Walter Elias Disney was known as a American voice actor, film producer, entrepreneur and animator. Walt was born on December 5,1901 in Hermosa neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. Walt’s parents were Elias Disney and Flora Disney. Elias Disney was born in the Province of Canada, while Flora Disney’s parents were descendants of German and English culture. Walt was the fourth born out of five children. His siblings, Herbert, Raymond, Roy and Ruth. At a young age Walt had a n interest in drawing , painting, and selling pictures to family, friends, and neighbors. In 1911 the Disney family moved to Kansas City, Missouri. There he found his interest for trains. Walt’s uncle, Mike Martin was a train engineer who operated the route between Fort …show more content…

Walt then began to play around with cameras and drawing hand-drawn animations and concluded that he should open up his own company. Walt decided to recruit his first employee, Fred Harman, who worked with him at the ad agency. Walt decided to get his inspiration from Paul Terry’s Aesop Fables, and modeled his first six “Laugh-O-Gram” from the fables but in a modernized version. The local Newman Theater was where his animations were viewed. Walt had much success with “Laugh-O-Gram”, and decided to establish a studio and hired more animators. Unfortunately “Laugh-O-Gram” studio went bankrupt because of debt. Walt then later moved to Hollywood, California with his brother, Roy. Previous to Walt’s move he had started creating The Alice Comedies. The comedies were about a girl in a animated world who loved aventures. After moving to California Walt heard from a New York film distributor who was looking for a new series. Walt constructed a deal with Margaret Winkler, the film distributor for the Alice Comedies. They both also invented a new character called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and each shot animations were estimated to be 1,500 each. In 1925 Walt hired Lillian Bounds, hired an ink-and paint artist and ended up marrying her. Later on Walt and Lillian had two daughters named Diane and Sharon. Walt’s name grew in television and became very popular but Walt wasn 't into socializing very much and was

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