Want To Have Kids

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You are walking down the street and you see a family who have 10 kids who are continuously yelling and screaming with each other. Then you see a family who have 8 kids who are quiet but you see the parents look furious so that’s why they are quiet. Finally you see a couple who are at least 26 and they look happy because they decided not to have kids, and you wonder why they don’t want to have kids. People have a choice whether or not they want to have children. People can’t tell you that you need to have kids as an adult. If you don’t fell as if you’re ready to have a child then you don’t have to have one when you know you’re not ready. You should know how to handle situations if they come up if the conversation of kids come up or if you have kids how you will handle the situation. Many people have gone through the idea if they want to have kids but most of them just think they don’t want …show more content…

Get over it.” By Ali Yashar he once was told that he should have children but the only thing he knew was that he did not want to have children.” I have known from a young age that I wasn’t meant to and didn’t want to have kids- it’s just not part of my life.” (Ali, 2012, para. 2) He knew that the way that he acted with friends would not be the same with children, because the way that you act with certain groups of people would change depending on who you are with. To him he faced criticism for not wanting kids, but all people wanted to do was come up with reasons why or say that he is being a bad person for denning himself the opportunity to have kids. He knew that there is a choice if he wanted to have a child he would have, but he didn’t because taking care of one was not something he wanted to do. When he was older people still asked if he wanted to have kids and he realized that he did not want to have them. Other people have also thought about children but other than just “I don’t want kids” they have just made good specific

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