War And Adversity Essay

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Explain how war and adversity have helped to alter and advance women’s roles. Use at least one example not previously discussed in Question 1.

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How did adversity help advance, or alter women’s roles during the time of the war; and what did they have to endure during this period in time? “Women advanced more in the labor force during periods of growth as well as in periods of war” (Lindsey, 2011, pg. 122). Most of this advancement took place during the Civil War and World War II era’s, where women replaced the men at war; by performing their jobs when they we’re away fighting for our freedom. Although, many jobs remained vacant, employers we’re skeptical to fill these position with anyone else other than the men to which …show more content…

These women that once only where seen on the home front, where now replacing men in jobs like engineering, welding, riveting , repairing plane, government; and medical roles to name a few. But, after the men served their countries and returned home, women we’re removed from their duties of employment; and return back to the home. “Those who persisted on jobs were often labeled as “hussies” or as women who stole men jobs (Beddoe, 1989:3 as cited in Lindsey, 2011, pg. 122). The Depression was no different, women and men still vied over what gender role to play; and to which gender would continue to fill the role of wage earner; especially those jobs that most women fulfilled like servers, clerks; or housework servants. Rather than the men realizing that women can perform jobs well outside the home also, some of these men divorced their wives; and moved on without them since their wives we’re now the official financial provider. Though, it seemed to women that they now had a hold of these positons and new found freedom, women soon found themselves replaced in certain position if found a man would be better suited; leaving them with uncertainty and

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