War Dogs Movie Analysis

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Bottom Feeders The film War Dogs (2016) tracks the rise and fall of two international arms dealers. The movie starts with David, portrayed by Miles Teller, who is stuck as a masseuse with no real opportunities in his life. His best friend from middle school, Efraim, portrayed by Jonah Hill, returns to his life and gives him an offer he cannot refuse. Together they create a small empire but end up getting in over their heads. This film shows the side of war that we rarely see. It shows how much war is truly influenced by money, as well as showing who benefits off the profits. Hint, it is not the soldiers. This directly ties into the American Dream. Additionally, many aspects of the film help drive home this aspect of the American Dream. Things like setting and music are huge in this. These aspects exaggerate points made in the movie and add extra layers. The film addresses the American Dream by stating the reality that the American Dream centers around money and power; the film does this by addressing the financial side of war via music, setting, and characters. The music in this film included a lot of American classics and was a key element. Songs like “Fortunate Son” by Creedance Clearwater Revival and “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith are classic songs that every American knows and they were used strategically throughout the film. For example, “Fortunate Son” was used as Efraim and David were fleeing enemy fire in Fallujah. They brought the term “gun runners” new life when
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