War Is Hell: Themes Of War

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Themes of War “War is Hell. Hollywood fantasizes about it and makes it look good… War sucks!” ~ Chris Kyle. This essay will go into depth with the three major themes of war, and be discussing examples from popular movies and novels. WW1 literature focuses mainly on the themes of betrayal, horror, and friendship.
First, this paragraph will explain the theme of betrayal, and give examples of betrayal in war. Firstly, in Germany, it was known that teachers glorified war. For example, in the popular novel All Quiet on the Western Front, it states that the boys were told by their teachers that war is glorious and you will gain fame and fortune from joining (AQWF). Consequently, war is not glorified and only ends in misery and terrible …show more content…

Firstly, most men involved in war did not make it. For example, in the film, the average life expectancy of a pilot was only sixteen weeks. Consequently, most pilots were just beginners and were not trained in dogfighting at all. Secondly, it was not a pleasant sight; blood, corpses, and destruction everywhere. For instance, according to the book, there were pieces of men, gruesome injuries, and disease all throughout the frontline. Thus, most men were terrified and struck with horror for most the war; which also leads to PTSD. Thirdly, there were many horrible casualties of war from innocent civilians and animals. For instance, in the film War Horse, there are many scenes where the horse is pushed beyond repair or where innocent civilians were tormented (War Horse). Therefore, many were scarred and suffered from the loss of innocent souls taken by war. In conclusion, there were many horrors of war, and most still suffer to this …show more content…

Firstly, many true acts of friendship and bravery took place during war. For example, from the book AQWF, Paul stays with his ally Kemmerich until death. Therefore, they were of course brothers in war and looked out for each other until the end. Secondly, even the enemy showed acts of kindness and honor on the battlefield. For instance, a scene from the movie Flyboys shows, a German pilot not shooting an American pilot because his gun was jammed. Thus, if the American could not shoot, the German would not shoot either; showing his honor toward the pilot. Thirdly, all men were brothers during the war, meaning no man was left behind or forgotten. Case in point, in the book AQWF, Paul volunteers to move to the frontline to be with his friends, and if that was not enough he carried his wounded friend Kat back to safety after an attack. Therefore, Paul would not let his friends behind and possibly die. As you can see, friendship was truly the most powerful theme during the war. To summarize, war is just a cluster of brutal betrayal, dark horror, and the occasion act of friendship. Three strongest points were: Germany ignored the rules of war, the battlefield was not a pleasant sight, and Paul would not leave his friends behind. “A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood.” ~ George S.

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