Essay about War Of The Worlds by H.G. Wells

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War Of The Worlds by H.G. Wells As the Martians fire their deadly heat rays, destroying towns and cities will anyone survive against the overwhelming odds? What were the Martians doing here? This could not have been a friendly visit, so what were their intentions? In H.G. Wells War of the Worlds the humans’ instinct to survive overcomes threats to their existence. When faced with the unknown the human instinct for survival gives us only two options, fight or flight. When the unknown plumes of fire were first spotted shooting from Mars it attracted many scientists, and it was also the same year that Mars was close enough to Earth to allow scientists to observe it with telescopes from that era. It was not until the …show more content…

They too wanted to survive. The army had decided that when a cylinder falls it must be destroyed. "New plans were formed to destroy the object before it opened" (24) but the right munitions were needed to accomplish the task. The warship "The Thunder Child" was sent in to help in the fight because it had large guns and that were capable of destroying large objects. "The Thunder Child" waited in the harbour for the Martian fighting machine to come close enough and instead of firing would ram it. The reason for knocking the Martian fighting machine over is because the Navy had already known that guns and heavy weaponry could not destroy the Martians fighting machine. The water had destroyed the first Martian fighting machine and they would try to accomplish the same task. The many soldiers that managed to escape had to find a place to hide and one "pushed on, wet and shivering to the nearest house." (29) Other soldiers that did not want to take the risk of flight "hid under dead horses for a long time, peeping out furtively across the common" (33) in hopes that the Martians would leave. People returning to their homes found soldiers retreating, hiding or dead. The soldiers cared about other people because those returning home were told to leave because "you may be hurt if you cross the canal." (22) Soldiers

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