War On Terror, By Patrick Coaty

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War On Terror In the book War on Terror, by Patrick Coaty discusses issues that reference to terrorism. His main focus was the attack on 9/11 the terrorism issue has been more aware to the public on how dangerous it can be. According to Coaty terrorism was formed during the ending of the revolutionary France by the Jacobins they thought it was “cleanse” that it would take away all evil (Coaty 84) . The concept of terrorism was a form of have “power” over people a legitimate system was used to fear the public. In modern-day terrorism does not obey the law or have any law. Terrorism is not only based on bombing, killings and amonio, the government needs a title for a group it can be an individual whose against the government. A more popular group on terrorism is the Islamic fundamentalism. Terrorism comes from history, but recent it had shocked the world by different terrorist attacks and many innocent lives. We all wonder where does terrorism comes from? Well for starts it comes from the French Revolutionary war when people went against the government during this war many innocent people died. History has also had some terrorist actions for instance during world war one and two, the Holocaust is one when more than 800,000 jews were killed for no reason killing innocent lives. Alos the Vietnam war was an act of terrorism when the United States was trying to stop communism to spread, but this lead to the cold war. After the attack on American 9/11 it opened the eyes to

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