War on Drugs: Germany compared to the Netherlands Essay

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The War on Drugs
One of the key aspects to consider when evaluating domestic political actors preferences towards policies pertaining to illegal drug use in both the Netherlands and Germany is to evaluate their ideological differences. The Netherlands attitude towards drug policy revolves around limiting the negative impacts illegal drug use has on society by implementing laws catered towards decriminalization. On the other hand, Germany considers drugs a detriment to society and promotes legislation that proactively restricts the flow of supply and demand of illegal drugs within the country. Now that both countries ideological differences have been brought to light, we must also consider the origins of those ideas and how they …show more content…

More importantly, the Christian Democratic Union has held a dominant position in German politics for decades. This party has strong conservative ties and wields a significant amount of influence. This party also takes a hard-line stance on drugs by “Proactively engaging in drug plagued regions of the country in order to restrict the flow of supply and demand” (Verein Für Drogenpolitik 2006). The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, which is a liaison service between the United Nations and non-governmental organizations within the German Federal Republic, provide a significant amount of influence on both political actors and the public as well. For example, The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime “Promote field-based technical cooperation projects to enhance the capacity of Member States to counteract illicit drugs” (United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime 2005).
Unlike Germany, the Netherlands possesses non-governmental organizations that promote policies that attempt to limit the negative social impacts drugs have on society. For example, the Stitchting Drugsbeleid is a non-governmental organization which, “Aims to change the present drug policy into a policy that does deal with vital matters such as public health, safety, the rule of law and individual autonomy in a more sensible way. As long as there are drugs, people will use them. In that sense it does not make a difference whether it is coffee or

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