Warriors Don't Cry

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"WARRIORS DON'T CRY" I picked the theme of self-reliance. As I read the story it was unbelievable to me that she did not give up, even though there were many times when she could have. What she thought was a good idea in the beginning, being just a teenager, she had no idea what the impact she would make on herself and the future Africain American people in. May 24, 1955: The Little Rock school board adopted a plan to limit intergraton to Central High School. One day at school the teachers asked student at Melba’s school who wanted to attend Central High School. Melba raised her hand, she felt that if they opened the school to her people she would have access to other opportunities. August 1957: Melba’s father received a…show more content…
Danny the 101st guard said “when you let yourself lose your focus, you make big mistakes” This keep Melba going. She trusted Danny, this lead her to trust another white boy that help her Link. Link was her next protector. May 1958: As the end of the school year started to approach things just continued getting worse. Link had tried to give her heads up to different things that would happen. She try hard to trust him and I think deep down she did. She liked the friendship that she had with him. May 1958: Melba’s mother was going to lose her contract of teaching. Without a job what would happen to them. If they pulled melba out of Central High she could have her job back. But what example was this setting for Melba’s. Melba’s mother wrote an article and called the newspapers. She did what she had to do let people know. She got her job back. Summer 1958: Melba made it through the school year. She was just happy that she survived. The 9 students travel to accept more awards for what they did. September 1958: Little Rock schools were closed. What was supposed to be my senior year was not. Everyone waited for the courts to reopen Central High. September 1959: The NAACP had sent out announcements asking for families that would volunteer to give safety and to help with finish our education. Melba went to Dr George McCade and family. She was treated like part of their family. They show me the support I need to still fight the fight. In my own
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