Was Napoleon A Hero

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Napoleon the Hero or Napoleon’s Heroic Antics Napoleon is a hero because he gave the common people rights that only the nobles and clergy had prior to Napoleon becoming emperor, freed the people of Italy from tyrannical rule, and saved France from civil war. There was a scientific Revolution spreading through Europe many of the scientists involved, during the last years of the Scientific Revolution the Enlightenment began spreading throughout Europe like wildfire. During the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment people also began to question the Catholic Church. The French government was undergoing reconstruction before Napoleon was crowned emperor after using a Coup d’état to forcefully overthrow the government’ before this France was a monarchy, a limited monarchy, and a dictatorship. Prior to Napoleon France was ruled by Maximilien Robespierre who by using terror. After Napoleon seized power he allowed the people to vote on a new constitution, allowed people to practice religion, and gave France a uniform set of laws. Napoleon is a hero because he gave common people rights that under the Old Regime only belonged to the privileged estates (clergy and nobles). The third estate was made up of the bourgeoisie, the city workers, and peasants. The bourgeoisie were as rich as the nobles but paid a lot of taxes. The peasants were by far the biggest class, but the city workers were the poorest. The taxes on the poor were so high it was virtually impossible to conduct

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