Was The Second World War?

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The Second World War was something that mankind would not expect to see in regards to such devastation the war would bring compared to the First World War and the new political ideas that would arise during the period of 1914-1945 such as fascism, communism and ‘social democracy’. It was such a horrific conflict seen in human history in terms of the number of deaths, both civilian and military deaths combined. With battles raging across the globe particularly in Europe, North Africa and to the Far East in Asia, people feared for their lives and didn’t know what darkness this terrible war would bring to them especially for the Jewish people living in Europe.
The war was divided into two sides. One being the Axis powers which included …show more content…

The lead up to the Second World War happened in 1936 when Adolf Hitler, Führer to the German people, moved his troops into the demilitarised zone in the Rhineland, West of Germany. Once he controlled the region, his next plan would be to annex Austria in 1938 and later in the same year, Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia consisting of German minorities was also annexed by the Germans. Britain and France accepted the ‘Anschluss’ of Austria as it was a German speaking country and the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia was also resolved by France and Britain at the Munich Agreement. In 1939, Hitler broke the Munich Agreement with France and Britain leading to him occupying most of Czechoslovakia. The last roll of the dice occurred when Hitler signed a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union, meaning that he could invade Poland in which he had no hesitation in doing so. As a result, these actions triggered the beginning of the Second World War.
So why did Hitler believe that he was doing the right thing? That his actions were for the greater good? Why did he believe that Germany deserved more? What was his end goal for Germany if he succeeded? All these questions have many different answers and beliefs from historians on what they think about Adolf

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