Pearl Harbor Causes

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Once the Japanese decided to attack Pearl Harbor; the United States had no choice but to go to war. Some causes and consequences of the World War II were; Hitler reassembled the German military, and turned his focus on other countries. Hitler demanded and forces Austria to become a part of his empire. In 1939, Hitler had signed a non-aggression pact along with the Soviet Union. On September 1, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland; then a few days later; France and Britain proclaim war on Germany this is how World War II had begin. A few days after WWII begins as France and Britain declare war on Germany. The Soviet Union and Hitler started jointly conquering countries in Europe. However, Hitler planned to attack Britain, and later did just that. The primary Allied powers of World War II consist of Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and China. The Allied powers had all settled that Germany …show more content…

Another cause was that the Japanese could not be overlooked in the Pacific even with the "Europe First" approach. First actions were defensive, was to protect areas that were not being used by the Japanese. The Japanese Aggression known as the Second Sino-Japanese War was an invasion which arose after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. This attack would become one of the superior conflicts of World War II as a main front of what is known as the Pacific War. The Great Depression had hit Japan's economy hard. Japan's military leaders argued that Japan could resolve its economic difficulties by expanding into other parts of Asia. The United States had refused to recognize Japan demands. To stop Japanese development, the U.S. forbidden exports of steel, oil and other supplies to Japan. Japan was focused on expanding; so, then the two binary countries debated so they can avoid a

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