Washington Dc And How The Location Of Howard University

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After I obtain my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience, I would like to go to medical school. I’ve always wanted to attend Howard College of Medicine. Primarily, because of the program they have there and the fact that they focus on serving underserved communities. With that, I also really love the location of the school. Howard University is located in the District of Columbia, our nation’s capital. I’m going to discuss Washington DC and how the location of Howard University plays a role in the school’s significance. Washington DC is located on the east coast of the United States, sandwiched between two states, Maryland and Virginia. The city itself is only 68.3 square miles big. The elevation is 0 ft. above sea level at its lowest point and 410 ft. above sea level at its highest point. This area is located on the North American Plate. DC isn’t often affected by earthquakes. The nearest fault line is west of the city which runs through Virginia and Maryland. Most times when DC experience’s earthquakes it’s because of that. The District of Columbia is essentially located on the Potomac River. The Potomac River is a river that’s about 405 miles long and it flows into the Chesapeake Bay. Also the Anacostia River and the Rock Creek river run through the city and both flow into the Potomac River. Washington DC also has a few reservoirs of water; the Dalecarlia Reservoir, the Georgetown Reservoir and the McMillan Reservoir. With the location of these bodies of water, DC shares

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