Waste Management

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|Developmental Project (DP) Brief | |
| |Name: Pacson, Anna A. |
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| |Title: Creative Ways of Managing Garbage for a typical Filipino |
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These repetitive cases did produce or did add more to the increasing pollution every period of history. This led to a lot of water pollution that attracted a lot of diseases perpetually. Also, though knowledge did increase on the understating of garbage threat, the increase of population up to the modern times together with the boom of industrialization makes waste be more than the managing of it.

Sub issues “People didn't understand garbage was a threat until urban populations boomed,” as one article states. Recklessness in terms of waste disposal still exist especially on our national level though the efforts of the authorities in making laws about the issue and the continuous developing research over methods do progress. Like what was stated and observe all throughout history, waste produced is more than the effort upon managing it and containing it to that point of not too much to become harmful.

The lack of participation and the existing apathy combined with ignorance of what-to-do’s of the general public towards proper waste management ceases a lot of progress in terms of implementing ways of properly disposing waste/garbage. Unlike decades ago where population is a lot lesser than today, the impact the small acts of improper garbage disposal do affect much in a macro level.

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