The Efficiency And Effectiveness Of The Region Of Waterloo 's Methods For Managing Municipal Waste Essay

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It is important to analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of the region of Waterloo’s methods for managing municipal waste, as over time waste will become an ever growing issue in our society. Through examining data provided by the region on their waste disposal methods and in comparison to other municipalities we will be able to conclude whether or not our waste is being efficiently managed here in Waterloo. Waste management is a common goal across all municipalities. It refers to control strategies targeted at the reduction in quantity and toxicity of wastes at different stages of disposal. It is a method for controlling wastes that cannot be completely eliminated from the environment.
All municipalities in Ontario must abide by the regulations and restrictions stated in the Environmental Protection Act of 1990, as outlined in the “How Waste is Regulated” section on the Recycling Council of Ontario’s website. Unfortunately, as outlined on the provincial government’s website under General Waste Management Laws, this act only offers broad and unspecific regulations. As a result, in order to reduce pollution output even further, most local municipalities decide to establish their own waste management strategies. Municipalities are becoming more cognisant about the importance of environmental sustainability. Implementing region-specific bylaws that pose limits to the amount of waste that can be output is a good way to further ensure the preservation of the environment.
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