Water And Water Pollution

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When we think about water pollution what comes to mind? have we ever thought about how water pollution affects plants and human life? In this essay i'll talk about in what ways water pollution affects these topics today. Over two thirds of Earth's surface is covered by water less than a third is taken up by land so the condition of the water and how we keep it is pretty important. All living organisms need water to survive on this earth but what happens if the water is no longer clean or usable?
First things first what even is water pollution and how does it affect you. Well you see you drink it you bathe in it the plants and animals you eat consume it. Not to mention the weather around you is effected by it so it affects you in every way. Okay let's focus on how it can affect plants and ecosystems around us.
Water pollution that alters a plant’s surrounding pH level, such as acid rain, can harm or kill the plant. Acid rain forms because of atmospheric sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, which can happen with volcanic activity, burning fossil fuels as well as exhaust from buses, trucks and cars. These compounds interact with common atmospheric chemicals, such as hydrogen and oxygen, to form sulfuric and nitric acids in the air. These acids return to earth through precipitation, such as rain or snow. Once acid rain reaches the ground, it flows into waterways that carry its acidic compounds into bodies of water. Acid rain that collects in aquatic environments lowers water

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