Water Pollution Control And Water Control Essay

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- Energy savings by reducing the use of elec-tricity in office buildings and fuel by persuading employees to use alternative energy, both NGV and gasohol.
- Water pollution control by effluent quality from the operation of the petroleum depot, fuel stations, and natural gas separation plants.
- The air pollution control by monitoring envi-ronmental conditions in the operation of chemi-cals in the workplace regularly.
- The development of alternative energy research of the petroleum fuels and alternative fuels, for example, natural gas for motor vehicles (NGV), gasohol, diesel palm, and biodiesel. Moreover, installing up the system inside the vehicles as using both natural gas and gasoline.
- Developing products and services for safety and the environment. The development of LNG
- Research ecosystems holistically from coast to hilltop in Thailand. To study biodiversity in the Mak forest of Khao Nan province. The results of the survey are information about the species the residence impacted to the result of global warming.
- Green Globe Award project as supporting the encouragement and dissemination of works to conserve natural resources and environment of the community, including youth.
Growing grass project to conserve soil and water according to the royal initiative of the king in the area for cultivation at Thong Pha Phum district Karnchanaburi, Thailand.
- PTT has developed a herbal garden is a collec-tion of herbs and plants to be a "Garden of Learning pleasant" for

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