Water Provisions in Egypt

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Water Provisions in Egypt I. Introduction One of Egypt’s greatest challenges today is lack of sufficient basic infrastructure such as water and sewage facilities. Two of the water sources in Egypt are the ground water in Nile valley and the River Nile which is the major source of fresh water in Egypt. The annual share of Egypt’s utilized water amounts to a fixed 55.5 billion. Both sources provide for the people water, but due to the increase in population, the demand is now higher. Apart from being scarce, the limitations affecting these sources mainly relate to location, quality, quantity as well as cost of development (Ray, 2009). a. Background Problem in this region During the last twenty years, the Government of Egypt has…show more content…
Already existing tap water in Egypt is known for its high chlorine content water that is not fit for drinking. The government ought to either provide new taps with fresh water or ensure that the already existing taps run only fresh water or water that is free from impurities and therefore fit for human consumption. The tap water however has to be clean water that is fit for not only domestic use, but also human consumption (Miller, 2009).As opposed to previous times when tap water in Egypt was highly chlorinated; a purification system ought to be used in ensuring that tap water is fresh. Taps should thus be situated in both rural and urban areas. This would not be so difficult since only 5 percent of the land is inhabited. The cost of putting in place such fresh water taps would be affordable to the government, considering the fact that over 55.5 billion is spent to deal with water issues. c. Costs and Vending Equipment The government should also make some water vending machines at least in the urban areas of Egypt so that fresh bottled water can easily be obtained upon inserting coins in the said machine. This would be a bit expensive and can thus be made only in the urban centers where the people are likely to afford using such services as a safe way of accessing clean water for consumption. Upon evaluating the above given options to solving the water problem, the government of Egypt will be faced
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